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Cover Lock 



This app is developed for users who forget to lock their android screen before putting android phone in cover/pouch. 
This app uses sensors of your android phone to detect whether phone screen is covered or not. If screen is covered then this app locks the phone.

Whenever user uncovers the phone, this app makes the android phone screen on, to unlock.

Sometimes if you want to play some game then this app will lock your screen when your fingers move around the sensors of your phone.This is quite irritating and thats why you have to keep a widget of this app on your homescreen.

Using widget you can on/off the sensors, so even if your fingers move around sensors while playing game, it will not lock the screen. After sometime if you want your screen to lock as soon as it goes into its cover, tap the widget and sensors will be on again. :)

For the first time this application will ask for activating the 'Admin Lock' of android phone. Activate it to use this application.

Update : 
Added an option to lock the screen if you hand/cover remains on sensor for 0,2,5,7 or 10 seconds otherwise screen wont get locked. 
Option for removing notification icon from notification bar.



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