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Bluetooth Discovery

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**** Description ****

The Bluetooth Discoverable widget allows android users to quickly change their device's Bluetooth discovery status.


-This widget allows user to enter 'time in second' to make their device visible in just one click.

-If Bluetooth is off, this widget will turn on Bluetooth and make it discoverable for 'x' seconds set by user in widget.

-This widget also gives option to turn off Bluetooth in just one click.

-Default discoverable time of device will be 120 seconds



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Cover Lock Application

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Cover Lock 



This app is developed for users who forget to lock their android screen before putting android phone in cover/pouch. 
This app uses sensors of your android phone to detect whether phone screen is covered or not. If screen is covered then this app locks the phone.

Whenever user uncovers the phone, this app makes the android phone screen on, to unlock.

Sometimes if you want to play some game then this app will lock your screen when your fingers move around the sensors of your phone.This is quite irritating and thats why you have to keep a widget of this app on your homescreen.

Using widget you can on/off the sensors, so even if your fingers move around sensors while playing game, it will not lock the screen. After sometime if you want your screen to lock as soon as it goes into its cover, tap the widget and sensors will be on again. :)

For the first time this application will ask for activating the 'Admin Lock' of android phone. Activate it to use this application.

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Call Fowarding Application

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Call Fowarding 




This app is used to forward calls to your other numbers. You can choose number from your contact list and can forward calls to that number.

for now we have implemented only for forwarding unconditionally or unanswered. Future versions will include more of call forwarding options.

You can open this application from application icon or you can put an app widget on homescreen.

This App is very useful to you if you require frequent call forwarding to other numbers. Instead of going to settings then call settings and then call forward settings and then finally configuring your call forward, you can simply configure call forwarding in one click using this app.

You just need to put required number in the textbox and on click of 'Forward' button, your call forwarding will be active.

Your contact list will appear on click of contact button. On selecting contact by name, will put the its number in the textbox and hence no trouble to remember contact number.

In a nutshell, this app provides ease to call forwarding.

With new updated version of this app, you can retain the last number used to forward calls. So no need to enter the number everytime while forwarding.

With version 2.0, if you have more than one number for a contact you can choose a number. All the numbers of that contact will be showed in a list as soon as that contact is selected. The number selected will be set in textbox for forwarding. Download Now from Google Play Store :-


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Best Quotes Application

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Best Quotes 



********* BEST QUOTES ***********

Best Quotes app is a collection of over 878 carefully hand picked quotes from all over the internet. It contains saying/quotes on Chuck Norris, Creativity, Friendship,
Inspiration, Life, Love, Spiritual & Success. Explore it, see it yourself, download it now and get inspired every day !

Best Quotes app has cleaner user interface and simpler navigation that make the browsing quotes simple and enjoyable.

Key Features :-

- Random Quotes. 
- Browse quotes by Category.
- Share Quotes with your friends via Email, Message, what's app.
- Also you can also share quotes as you like with your friends in various social networks (Facebook, Twitter, SMS, email and many more).
- Add an app-widget to your home screen and select which category of quotes you want to see.
- Home Widget that changes the quote every day.
- Set/Remove quote as favorite and quickly browse through the favorites.

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